On life and death and getting there

This entire week, although it is barely over, has been a sombering life experience.  I say that of course with my strong penchant for drama and whatnot.

It has been a difficult work week for Dylan.  I actually panicked when he texted me the other day that his co-nurse has passed away.  A day after, he texted again, saying their former customer care officer committed suicide.  A few hours after that, they heard news that their pregnant co-staff lost her baby.

This week is just filled with bad news, and when I opened the Yahoo! homepage, this headline caught my eye:

Girl, 12, kills self after mother told her she’s ‘dumb’

I really don’t know how to react to this really.  She could easily have been my cousin Maylene, a little older than her to be specific.  And I remember how her brothers tease her.  She’s easing in to puberty and well, she’s growing things that she didn’t have to buy extra apparel for.  She’s very self-conscious and has been gaining a few pounds.  They kept calling her fat, and ugly and messy and I remembered her when this piece of news came out.

And I tried to recall if I’ve ever been more careful with kids.  If I’ve ever let slip a harsh word or two.  If I’ve been overly critical.  Or more destructive in my criticism instead of constructive.  I try to recall all the simple words I said and how it would have affected them.

There was a brief period in time that I believed that kids today are born wise.  They are born when homosexuality can be seen around the corner, debates in procreation is up in the air, and much much more.  I believe this is a testament to the fact that no mater how wise kids today are, they are still young souls that need to be honed and loved and cared for, with every thought, deed and word.

Read the entire news here.


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