Fight for good grammar!

I am always depressed when I encounter really bad grammar.  I mean who wouldn’t be?  The mere fact that there’s text speak and there’s actually a growth rate in Jejemons already pisses me off.  Come on!  Marlowe, Shakespeare, Bronte, Alcott, Tolstoy… These people wooed and serenaded men and women through time.  These people are just some of the classics, the greats.  And it’s not because they SPoKE LYk a JEjem0NSTER P0Wh. JaJaJaJa~ p0WH.

So please fight for good grammar, spelling and diction!  And punctuation!  It’s a very important fight.

Context matters a lot.

It makes for a really good point too.


Lemme know what you think.

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