Dead Letter 2

Hi.  I am happy for you.

I think that’s the thing that I’ve always meant to say.  To be honest, I have always felt I did you some sort of injustice, like I never was the person you deserve.  You were too good for me; I was not good enough for you.  So you see, I am happy for you.

It has been that long since I last saw you with such elation.  And I am happy for you.  You were a good friend to me, even if I can barely say the same about myself to you.  You deserve to be as happy as you are.  And I’m glad you took the time to be.

And I am happy for you, my dear, dear friend.  The years between knowing each other were lost at some point, and it’s not really entirely on fate.  I avoided you and I should not have.  After all, judging by the way you knew me then and the way we talked, you were one of the closest people in my life.

And my dear dear friend, thank you for being happy for me too.



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