La Mer Watches <3

I saw these wrap watches some time last year and I immediately fell in love with them.  I wonder where I can find these here in the Philippines.

Each watch is hand assembled so it will take about 7 days to be shipped to your US address.  I wonder if Johnny Air can have this sent to my house.  It’s just so divine!

I first fell in love with this item. Come on! It has to be one of the most adorable beach watches I have ever seen for a very long time!

It comes in so many colors too!  Also, there are different chains for you to choose from.  It’s quite impossible for you to not find something you like.

There’s practically one for every personality imaginable and like I said, it’s quite impossible for a girl to not fall in love with these.

So to my loving family, here and abroad, I wouldn’t mind receiving this for July.  Because monthly gifts are sweeter!  Hahahahaha.  I’d like to get the…. Black Tea Party one, if not the Black Washed Leather Gun Metal Motorcycle Chain.  Just saying.  :)

Check out the entire La Mer Collection here!


6 thoughts on “La Mer Watches <3

  1. Hi Aina,

    Thanks so much for your interest:) Just sent you an email, let me know which design you would want me to reserve for you:)

    Carla: really appreciate this post, hope to meet you so that I can personally thank you:)

  2. Hey:) im actually bringing this watch to the Philippines this august, I’m still in New York right now though, but if you’re interested, I can send you the styles that I have with prices. Here’s my email address: :)

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