I have a techie niece

It’s not really a surprise if you see a 9-year-old strolling Eastwood and she’s holding an iPad in her hand, trying desperately to slice all the fruits in Fruit Ninja.  I get it; this is a privileged generation.  Kids born in the last decade have seen the rapidly progressing technology.  Some are even born right next to it.  So it should come as no surprise that my niece Chuchi is also growing to be one.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  Marga doesn’t like exposing her to these things.  Most of the time, she turns her away from television and most of her instructional materials — both for work and for Chuchi — are traditional ones.  And I totally get it.  Seeing how dependent Miko was on technology when it comes to playtime, I have grown even more appreciative of building blocks, playing mats, and the like.

But that doesn’t mean Chuchi can’t get far from technology.

I made sure that the lock screen was lit so she can see she's my wallpaper.

I think she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Notice the unmistakable shock grip on the phone?

She kept looking at me, then the phone, then back at me, as if saying, "This is me! Why do you have me in this box?!"

I believe this is when the Susi Vanity kicked in. This could easily be dubbed as the I love me moment. Hahahaha.

I am trying to not laugh, but by this time, she won't let go of the phone. She keeps looking in it.

Yes, I believe this is the self-love moment. She tried to KISS the phone. Hahahaha! Sweetie, I love your face too! :)

So I end this post with another photo exhibiting Chuchi's growing fascination for phones. I love my niece and her curious mind. :) Look at how she cranes her neck to peek at what her mom's doing! Hahahahaha. (And that's ube ice cream on Bianca's face)


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