Time to go healthy!

I credit my recent weight loss initially to Plana Forma.  To be honest, I want to go back to doing that, but their studio is way too inaccessible for me.  I’m hoping that they set up a Makati studio soon.  Anywhere in Makati is accessible for me.

So when I stopped Plana Forma (I did about 10 or 12 sessions?  It’s sooooo good.), I resorted to the company gym.  Mondays and Tuesdays, I run.  I usually just run too on Wednesdays, but when I discovered Taebo at the Penthouse and how it gallantly kicks my ass, that has officially settled in as my Wednesday routine.  First week on this schedule, I lost three pounds.  I better keep it up.

I started looking for food that will easily be a healthy fix.  If there’s something I need to cure, it’s my spontaneous eating habits.  Then I saw this:

I want to know where I can find blueberry cream cheese.  I just had second breakfast, and now, I want to eat again!

This is sooo not helping my diet.


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