Japanese and Ethics

It’s the last working day of the week, and I am desperate for good news.  The Bank has been struggling to get its reputation back on its feet, and all of us are struggling just trying to separate rumor from fact.  Of course, this is apart from the fact that the workload has not diminished (for some reason, it appears to have multiplied).

Good news (Part I!)!  The Bank has announced the qualified participants for its sixth (6th) batch of management trainess.  For everyone who made it, CONGRATULATIONS!  Prepare for the worst year of your life!  Hahahaha.  At least, that was how it felt like for me.  :)  Nonetheless, it got me here, so I really don’t know if it is as worse as it felt.

So yeah, I was browsing the news and I came across this headline:

Japan Earthquake: Ethical Residents Return $78 Million From Rubble

In my head, I couldn’t really believe it.  Not only did the Japanese people not loot, they have started RETURNING things to the police.  Even more unbelievable, the police LOOKS FOR THE OWNERS and returns items promptly!  These are not just simple items.  These “things” are thousands of wallets and thousands of safes!

Is that your wallet? You better return it to the owner if it's not yours. Or else.... I WILL TICKLE YOU!!!!

As of the moment, an estimated 7 billion yen has been returned.

WOW.  That is just…. WOW.  Every nation should aspire to have citizens with such honesty and heightened level of ethics.

WOW.  I wish to live to see the day something like this happens to the Philippines.


The Huffington Post


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