It still surprises me how I just went to the store and bought this thing for more than what I expected.

One of my resolutions for the year is to be more prudent and more conscientious when it comes to my spending .  Unfortunately, I came to the point where my skin is starting to breakout and my current pressed powder is no longer giving me the coverage that I need.  So I had no choice.  If I plan to age gracefully, I might as well invest on the items — and the people who made them that actually know better than I do, which is why they lasted this long in this industry — that will take me there.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC40.  I really like this product, mainly because it is practically day-long wear.  Plus, it makes my face look clearer and nicer.

I used to just buy MAC from trusted eBay sellers and some friends who travel overseas and have some time to spare a trip to the nearest MAC store.  So when I bought this in Rustan’s this week, I was very much surprised at the 30%++ top up from published online rates.

Oh well.  The price of vanity.  I must find my online sellers again.  I can’t keep spending this way.  Hahaha.


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