Healthy is expensive.

I was supposed to do my weeklong detox this week, but because of an event midweek, I had to postpone it.  I mean, I can’t be invited to an event and not eat.  Come on.  That’s just rude.  Hehehe.

So this week, I decided to just prepare for it.  Controlled eating and healthier meals would make the detox easier to transition into.  So for today, I had a good breakfast, and salad for lunch.  I had light snacks in between — nothing too white — but what I realized is this:  eating healthy is expensive.

This is the salad I ordered from Wendy’s.  I already ate about one or two forkfuls and already, it looked like this:

It’s their “Big” Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and bacon bits.  The dressing was not tossed in the salad, which is good.  I can just have the dressing that can still consider this salad healthy.  Can you imagine that this salad cost me P160?!

It’s not a new thing.  Everyone knows that when Jollibee comes up with 39-peso meals, it’s pretty hard to resist that offer.  They’re tasty and as they say, sulit.  You can have two of those meals and still save money!  My salad, although satisfying (?), would have afforded me FOUR of those meals.  Gehd.

I wish they will make healthy food more affordable so more people will find it easier to eat healthy.  I kind of like the fact that SM Supermarkets have set up fruit and salad bars.  It allowed people to mix and match their salads (but if you go there almost at the end of the day, the fruit and salad bar will already look like a warzone if not a hamlet of sorts) to their liking, and customers just have to pay according to its weight.  I believe 1kg of mixed anything is P158, still cheaper than my nowhere-near-1kg salad.

I’m just complaining because I don’t want to fail my easing-into-detox week by succumbing to cheaper, more processed, most probably synthetic options.  Not only is it sometimes hard to eat, it could also easily burn a hole in the pocket.

Pray for me? :)


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