The 2012 Oscars Fashion IMO 2

And here come the nays.  I have good reason why I didn’t like them.  I’ll do my best to recall them all.

Arianne Phillips’ glasses got in the way.  And her poor posture too.  I normally like exaggerated pinks, but this one just kinda threw me off.

Berenice Bejo looked too covered up here.  Like old lady covered up.  It made her age.  And to think I love the color.

The face to bang ratio is not appreciated on Ellie Kemper.  Also, her dress looked too sparkly.  It looks like it’s for more of a no-more-sun event.

Ah Glenn Close.  I absolutely love Zac Posen, but the dress just looks forced on you.

Jessica Chastain is eternally adorable, but the details on this Alexander McQueen dress ate her alive.

Kate Mara’s dress looked unfinished, with that bit hanging by the shoulder.  Also, the halloween bride look isn’t really doing anything for her.  Lift your chin, dear.  You have such a pretty face.

Leila Hatami… I have no words.

There’s just something off in Melissa Leo’s Reem Acra dress.  Proportion maybe?  To me, the top part appears ill fitted, and the slit?  Not that flattering.  What are we supposed to say?  Nice calves?

If Nancy O’Dell was invited to the inauguration of our Philippine president this year, this yellow frock would have been the best thing to wear.  To bright sweetie.  Check out how Michelle William’s did it.  That’s a very good benchmark for yellows.

Penelope Ann Miller in Badgely Mischka.  I don’t know why I didn’t like this on her.  Probably because it just screams too much?  Or maybe it was too tight on the neck, no wonder it looked like that?  I don’t know.  It was off-putting for me.

Rose Byrne is normally so pretty and polished and sleek, but here she just looked like a shiny rice cake.  Loosen that dress!

And you, dear Shailene Woodley!  This is not a pajama party!  You look like you’re ready for bed in this dress!

And last but not the least…

Excuse me, Sherri Shepherd, but IS THAT YOUR BRA?!

All things said are my personal opinion.  These styles just did not jive with my taste. Sorry, ladies.  Next year, maybe?


Lemme know what you think.

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