REVIEW: Boyhood (2014)

Le Beau’s flight back to NJ was quick, albeit bittersweet, but one of the first things he told me when he got home was this movie, Boyhood.  Filmed over the course of 12 years, Boyhood shows the ups and downs of growing up in the eyes of a child.  With my weekend spoiled by an illness, I had some time to burn, and I must say the perspective was the perfect view.


Spoiler alert, spoiler alert, you have been warned.

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REVIEW: The Descendants (2011)

The first thing that I found I had in common with Tita Maggie, is George Clooney.  I remember that day well.  We were in the kitchen and I was telling her why Grey’s Anatomy is a must see for her.  She then started crooning about ER and I said one person made that show great.  We simultaneously cooed, “George Clooney.”

That’s exactly what happened last Friday night.  After discovering I have completely lost my voice to fatigue, I made myself comfortable and started playing The Descendants.  Mr. Clooney played his part so well that my heart repeatedly broke.  And Hawaii never looked better.

The movie starts with a narration of Honolulu-based lawyer Matt King (Clooney).  He is the sole trustee of a prized piece of land on the island of Kaua’i.  His wife was in a motorboat accident that rendered her comatose.  Now, this “back up” parent has to learn to manage all the balls in the air:  his two daughters who are growing increasingly more difficult to deal with, his family who urges him to sell the Kaua’i property, and the citizens watching his every move.


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The 2012 Oscars Fashion IMO 2

And here come the nays.  I have good reason why I didn’t like them.  I’ll do my best to recall them all.

Arianne Phillips’ glasses got in the way.  And her poor posture too.  I normally like exaggerated pinks, but this one just kinda threw me off.

Berenice Bejo looked too covered up here.  Like old lady covered up.  It made her age.  And to think I love the color.

The face to bang ratio is not appreciated on Ellie Kemper.  Also, her dress looked too sparkly.  It looks like it’s for more of a no-more-sun event.

Ah Glenn Close.  I absolutely love Zac Posen, but the dress just looks forced on you.

Jessica Chastain is eternally adorable, but the details on this Alexander McQueen dress ate her alive.

Kate Mara’s dress looked unfinished, with that bit hanging by the shoulder.  Also, the halloween bride look isn’t really doing anything for her.  Lift your chin, dear.  You have such a pretty face.

Leila Hatami… I have no words.

There’s just something off in Melissa Leo’s Reem Acra dress.  Proportion maybe?  To me, the top part appears ill fitted, and the slit?  Not that flattering.  What are we supposed to say?  Nice calves?

If Nancy O’Dell was invited to the inauguration of our Philippine president this year, this yellow frock would have been the best thing to wear.  To bright sweetie.  Check out how Michelle William’s did it.  That’s a very good benchmark for yellows.

Penelope Ann Miller in Badgely Mischka.  I don’t know why I didn’t like this on her.  Probably because it just screams too much?  Or maybe it was too tight on the neck, no wonder it looked like that?  I don’t know.  It was off-putting for me.

Rose Byrne is normally so pretty and polished and sleek, but here she just looked like a shiny rice cake.  Loosen that dress!

And you, dear Shailene Woodley!  This is not a pajama party!  You look like you’re ready for bed in this dress!

And last but not the least…

Excuse me, Sherri Shepherd, but IS THAT YOUR BRA?!

All things said are my personal opinion.  These styles just did not jive with my taste. Sorry, ladies.  Next year, maybe?

The challenge of keeping the faith

It’s all over the news now.  Another bombing has left the Filipinos in a state of disbelief.  I’m going to be honest:  when Lala Flores’ daughter Danica Magpantay won the Ford Supermodel of the Year 2011, I had hopes of the Philippines being the highlight of southeast Asia, having natural beauties and unaltered realities win competitions like this.

Then I remember the carnappings.  Then the oil price hike.  Then the fact that another journalist was slain, the 142nd media killing since 1986.  Then the littlest and biggest of issues in cyberspace, where apparently opinions are paid for.  Then the hope fizzled.

For those who follow me on Twitter, I bet you would notice that as each tragedy is reported in the news, my automatic response is that I am saddened that this is the place I have to bring my kids to.  And this is not to say that I am pregnant (because I am not) or that I am planning to be (because I am not).  I say so because it is the fact:  this is the world we are going to bring our kids to.

And it’s days like these when it’s so hard to keep the faith.  That the human being, the person, the individual will exercise his free will and choose intellect and wisdom over misdirected passions.  That the government will fund better education so this kind of thinking — blowing up buses and shit — will not be the main exhibition of dismay and disagreement. 

But sometimes, faith can just take you so far.  I am seriously afraid that my niece Chuchi will grow up at a time when buses just spontaneously explode and prices spike overnight and her necklace will be snatched as she walks to school and her favorite broadcaster will die before she ever gets to meet him/her.  I am afraid that my future child will have questions as to why people kill people, why Mindanao is the richest in natural resources and yet we can’t find peace with them, why the government is richer than the people, why she is in so much debt at the very moment she’s born.  And I won’t have the answers.

I used to find equanimity when Oscar nods are announced, thinking that the arts is something that people can still count on, that bodies like the Academy will always celebrate the good in people.  But last night was extra difficult, especially when at 2 in the morning, the bus bomb death toll rose to 5.

So you see, it’s really challenging… keeping the faith.  Right now, my only prayer would have to be for the strength to rise to it.