REVIEW: The Avengers

I don’t know why I delayed watching The Avengers so much.  I guess it’s mostly because I didn’t really get to become an ultimate fanatic when we were watching the cartoons and reading the comic books when we were kids younger.  When Dylan invited me to watch the movie, I said yes, and lemme just say, he was excited from start to finish.

I don’t know if there’s someone out there who hasn’t seen it, so let me put my review/reaction under the cut.

As a person who is not really a comic book fan, this one made all the other movies make sense.

Iron Man 2 sucked.  Captain America, eh.  Thor, sucked.  They had to redo The Hulk so many times for that to suck less than the previous one.  But this movie, it tied them all up together like a seasoned orchestra.  It.  Was.  Perfect.

The Avengers is an ultimate comic book translation of everything you want it to be.  The story is strong, the dialogue witty, and for once, this comic book movie treated its viewers as people who can actually keep up with the conversation.

The casting was great.  I am particularly enamored with Mark Ruffalo — that was how I imagined Bruce Banner aging off the grid.  I love love love Mark Ruffalo in this film.  Whoever selected the cast in all the other supplementary movies should be given a reward.  I do not think it would have worked as seamlessly as this one if it weren’t for them.

I get it now why, in spite of his puny story and the bottled special characteristics, Captain America is the lead of the team.  In the entire movie, he was the only one who really looked at the big picture.  He is true to his original character (or at least the one I am familiar with, which came from the first supplementary movie) — altruistic.  No one would have rounded them up so well like he did.  And I like the fact that he knows what he lacks.  He acknowledges the limitations of his power by delegating.  Now, if only that characteristic can come in a bottle so we can shove that down the throat of some corporate hogs…

All in all, the soundtrack was great, editing was fantastic, good CGI, cinematography evened out the exposure of all the superheroes, SCARLET JOHANSSON REMAINS AS THE HOTTEST WOMAN EVER, and smart storyline.  Altogether, it makes it so worth the inflated price of a movie ticket.

One thing I didn’t like?  What the hell is Robin Scherbatsky doing there?  It would be difficult to separate such an overexposed TV character from her movie role.  Eh.  Try again?

4.5 out of 5 stars


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