DIY Glitter Heels

Okay, so here’s the thing.  I’ve seen Wobisobi do this unbelievably simple repair in this post and all over Pinterest, so I thought, I might as well try it.

And if you’re following me on Twitter, I’ve officially declared Saturday as DIY day.  Hahahaha.  This is me trying to be more…. how do you say it… resourceful.  I’ve so many things lying around everywhere.  I might as well put them to good use. :)

You will need four things:

  • paper plate
  • art brush
  • glue
  • glitter (color of your choice)

And of course, the heels that need fixin’.

On a paper plate, put a good amount of glue, and mix your glitter.  I had to mix the gold and silver to better match my heels.  You may need to play around with this for a bit:  for me, gold would have been too glaring with the nude, so I intended to tone it down with silver.

There’s no specific amount of glue and glitter to be combined, just make sure they will make a somewhat thick paste.

Then just coat your heels liberally.  Some of you may ask if you have to make the heels smoother, but really you don’t.  Unless of course you’re patient (unlike me).

Let the first coat dry before putting on another one.  If you put a second coat before it dries, you might form a clump somewhere.  Finish it off with a thin coat of glue and voila! :)

I cleaned up the messy parts with a good ol’ cotton swab. :)

I’ve read suggestions that this will also do well with sand for a more matte finish.  Some people also used clear glue for a glossy finish.

What are you waiting for?  Fix your heels already!


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