Tight pants and lacy dresses

I like Enrique Iglesias.  His music is always in love, or desperately in love, or just thirsty to prove that he’s love.  Hahahaha.  Really.  And all the time, it goes with a good beat and a fantastic melody.

I’ve been watching Heartbeat a lot recently, just to get the blood pumping right before work.  The weather has been so depressing lately; it’s like the skies are trying to recover from a breakup.  So yeah, this song just gives you that good chirpy mood.

Notice the bleached jeans Enrique (hyuck, feeling close) is wearing?

That Nicole Scherzinger’s lacy dress.

Yeah I don’t think I’m up for that.  But because it’s still 2012, goals have not changed.  I have lost and gained and lost and gained the pounds I aim to lose, so obviously the challenge that I fail to rise to every time is consistency.

I believe I’ll do better this month.  :)  But for now…

*enter music*



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