The Perfect Bathtub

I was browsing Freshome for some home ideas when I saw the most perfect bathtub ever.  Introducing the VOV Bathtub by Mastella Design.

According to Freshome:

The VOV Bathtub is made from a single block of white K-plan: a compact, smooth, resistant material that is pleasant to the touch and quick and easy to clean…. The VOV Bathtub was designed for the pleasure of a relaxing and regenerating bath.

And it comes in black too.

It’s just so chic and amazing and adorable and neat and everything!  I love this bathtub!

I wonder now if we have this in the Philippines.  Oh well. :)  If it’s not available here, I better start scratching those lottery tickets coz I gots me some tubs to gets!

And to be clear, I don’t mind having a bathroom that’s designed like this. :)

Images from Freshome


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