Almost over!

Thank God, November is almost done!  I am just completely wiped out with the month’s activities.  I’m so happy that it’ll end with my niece’s second birthday party.  :)

But really, this month’s performance is a clear reflection of how badly I mismanaged my time.  Whenever I’m in school, I think of work.  Whenever I’m at work, I think of school.  Everything in between just goes into a full blown mental battle — Dylan, Chuchi, Marga, Las Pinas, Lola, repeat to infinity.  Today was a complete testament how much I misused my time.

Funny, November is also the month I had the least entries in my organizer.  Huh.  Perhaps the lack of entries is the reason for mismanagement…?  Argh, it’s hard to blame something like this on an inanimate object.

Speaking of which, the holidays are definitely around the corner, and the heat is still bitchin’ here in the Philippines.  For some, winter has settled in, but here, summer decided to stop by for coffee.

Holidays = shopping, so in spite of receiving the mandated 13th month pay…

This photo just made me crack up.  And it’s a serious thing.  No matter how many times I keep the receipts or try to account for my daily spending, I still can’t seem to trace where my money went.

I hope to get better at this before I start a family.  I don’t think my husband would appreciate not knowing where I put his money.  Hahahaha.

Okay, rant over.  I just wanted to post an update.  I didn’t want to think the moment I got my own domain, I started getting lazy with the posting.  Besides, writing keeps me sane.

I should remember that.


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