Must remember for 2013!

Good morning, everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Okay so it didn’t really start out to be as cheery as that for me.  I spent New Year’s throwing up and throwing down (hahaha see what I did there), battling a case of what nots and fever.  Thankfully, I woke up feeling loads better.

But the shooting pain in my tummy is still there.  Ugh.  Makes me sick.  Literally.  Then I saw this pin from a friend, and I got excited again!

Movies in 2013
I wonder if the Philippine movie industry — both mainstream and indie — can come up with dates like these so we can easily plan around the must watch lists of the year.

I am excited for Cinemalaya though.

Anyway, I’m sure we’re all excited about something for 2013, but one thing I’m sure we have in common:  happy that the Mayans were wrong. :)



Lemme know what you think.

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