Worst case of LSS

Have you ever heard of Last Song Syndrome aka LSS?  It’s that modern illness (chos) where the last song you hear gets stuck in your head.

It’s quite a phenomenon actually.  If your misfortune finds you and you ride a public jeep here in the Philippines, chances are you’ll be singing a Lito Camo cheesemax all day.  It has happened to me more than once.  I am not proud of it, but merely confirming that it can really happen.

Most of the time though, I am lucky to chance upon songs that I don’t mind singing out loud.  I guess that’s why I’ve always been drawn to music — it’s so hard to shake off.

Today, I had the worst case of LSS.  I had to download the song DURING WORK HOURS — oh my god — just so I can listen to it all day.  Now that I’m home, I got sad because I didn’t save the song in my USB.  So I did what any decent person would do.

I downloaded it again.  Worst case ever!!!!

Eh… it’s not that bad.  The song is a pretty good one.  I am now thinking of how I can incorporate this in my running playlist.  :)

Ladies and gents, Clarity by Zedd featuring Foxers.

Good luck getting that tune out of your head. :)


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