Discovering Shinedown

I am quite grateful for the rekindled wonder for music.  I’ve always known that I won’t like pop music, but lately, I’ve been surrounding myself with anything and everything I can consume.

It’s quite exhilarating really, but I know soon enough I’ll go back to my roots.  For now, I’m enjoying the scouring for new things that I haven’t listened to — for a while or ever — and that’s how I chanced upon Shinedown.

Actually, I’ve been obsessed with Ed Sheeran lately, but more on that later.

I saw this Warner Studio series on YouTube recently and this tattooed vocalist immediately caught my attention.  They remind me of Creed and Staind; I’m this close to calling them a hybrid of both.

But hey, I am yet to look into their body of work first before I say anything further.

Anyway, this is the song that made me extra curious about them.

Do you have any suggested Shinedown performances that I should listen to?  Comment away!


Lemme know what you think.

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