Early morning surprise

I came home pretty late last night (more on why later).  I think I came through the door at exactly 12:42 AM today, and it was nice to come in not alone.  Dylan took me home.  I was half-expecting him to spend the night, but he can’t really leave his ladies in QC now can he? :)

So I was hurrying because he had to leave soon.  QC is a long commute from Las Pinas.  I got him his water while he freshened up in the bathroom, and I quickly went in my room to take off my shoes, grab my slippers and tie my hair in a bun.  The house was surprisingly warm in spite of the time.  I noticed this little orange package in the corner, but did not mind it until Dylan left.

I became quite giddy when I took out that package.

When I opened it, I was squealing a little.

By now, I’ve already started my boogie dance.

I know right!  I was just complaining how I never get to run anymore and now, my mother just gave me another reason to!  Apart from health reasons of course. ;p

We gotta break this baby in!!!!

Fantastic way to start a Friday!  After my dose of Chuchi, I am definitely hitting the pavement with these.  :)


Oh, Jeffrey Campbell

Okay, so I am currently at work.  We’re going to be audited in a few weeks, and to be honest, the pressure is not doing me any good.  I’m actually shaking my knees and when I am done pounding the keys to finish my output for review, I get sleepy.  Even though the fact of the matter is I downed a good venti cup of Caffe Mocha this morning, the caffeine effect appears to be weaning off already, and I can feel the fatigue settling on my shoulders.  It is NOT good at all.  And besides, it is never a pretty sight to have an employee literally fall asleep on the job.

Here I am entertaining myself and introducing (some of my) readers to Jeffrey Campbell.  I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned the company before; they’re most probably the modern god of platforms.  And I say that because I absolutely positively desire almost every single shoe they come up with.  Seriously.

A little backgrounder:  Jeffrey Campbell started designing shoes long long ago.  It wasn’t until recently did his family decide to venture in the fashion business.  Yes, believe you me, it’s a family business.  He has his daughters test his shoes and he never fails to get creative.  Although his distribution range continues to grow season after season, Jeffrey Campbell (the company) remains relatively small.

I know.  It is quite depressing (at least for me) to not own a single pair of his shoes.  Mind you, because of its uniqueness, it comes as no surprise that the price tag is quite steep, especially for the middle class person.  But nonetheless, that is not a reason for me — and the rest of us — to stop dreaming and drooling over these fantastic platforms.

Some people may say they look impossible to walk in, but really people.  Look at the big picture.  Jeffrey Campbell is just making shoes and already making waves in the fashion industry.  His shoes are selling like hotcakes.  I HIGHLY DOUBT that these would be so uncomfortable if they’re selling that fast.

Unless of course, the fashion fierceness level is worth the pain.

If I am not dubbed as a shoe fan after this, well… dub me then.  Hahahahaha.  Oh and just in case you are wondering, I can start accepting Christmas gifts as early as now, provided that they are these shoes.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes range from $115-500.  You may view their retailers here.

I am a shoe whore

Those who have come to know me best would say that, in spite of having limited means or poor revenue generation, I still insist on collecting shoes.

I’ve always said that someday, I will have one pair of shoes for each day of the year.  I was quite happy to do that.  But the challenge is quite pricey too.

But do you know what’s not pricey?  Web window shopping. :)  I have to admit, Filipino designers are getting so much better. :)  And when I do get that bonus I’ve been waiting for, these will be scooped faster than you say, AHSHOE!

I think we’re all waiting for that bonus.  I just hope it comes sooner than later.

Blogging to you now, LIVE!

It is quite amusing how I’ve found this nifty little thing to be available here in the office.  I have tons of work to do, but I know I just have to write down a few words before everything gets hectic again.

This month shows a lot of promise, mainly because it is so jampacked.  On Saturday, I’m attending a photoshoot of an event I am yet to secure permission before announcing.  It’s quite personal but because it’s for someone close to my heart, I am excited.  Then on Sunday, my cousin Kuya Marc is arriving from New Jersey.  Whoopdeedoo!  I love him and all, but my family knows very well that I love him best because he’s bringing me my shoes.

For the new followers, I am a shoe whore.  I’m not even afraid of saying it out loud.  Shoe whore.  Mother effin’ shoe whore.  I once spent 20,000 on shoes, because they were on sale and they were my favorite local brand.  Yup.  I’m a slut like that.

Then there’s the event that follows the photoshoot.   Hahahaha.  I can’t really contain the excitement because it has been a while since I last hosted something.  I can’t wait to get rid of my discretion.

When it comes to work, every detail counts and I am very happy where I am right now.  I am in a position where I am actually contributing to something with a purpose.  It can be hell sometimes, especially when my boss gets a knack of giving me tough deadlines, but it keeps me on my toes.  For once, I am not sleepy nor groggy after lunch.  So much for the godly hour.

Anyway, I hope your month is as packed as mine.  Started this month right by watching Legend of the Guardians last night.  IT.  WAS.  AWESOME.  But more of that later.

For now, I give you my love. :)

I love my new shoes!

Yup.  That’s basically the reason why I blogged. :)  I renewed my love for shoes by purchasing a pair with my own cold hard tax-deducted cash!  Hahahaha.

The best part of it is the fact that Dylan loved it on me. :)  You gotta love a man who loves a woman in her heels. :)

And I’m off.  That’s basically it.  A tribute to my new pair.  Imagine what October would look like.  *hint hint*