Do not worry

Update on the physical fitness challenge:  I managed to go to the gym 3 days in a row.  Yesterday, I did four rounds in the circuit.  Man, it felt good.  Today, I didn’t even notice it was the fourth one. :)  I would like to think I am doing very very well.  I am keeping it up by matching the workout with more health conscious choices in food.  Let’s all pray that this works.

I just love this quote that I found on Pinterest.  Lately, Dylan has been worrying a lot and I am hoping that he looks at my blog somehow.  So Dy, this is for you, my love. :)

And for the rest of you who worries too much, this is for you too. :)

You do not have a bad life.

With all the weird and awful events that occured in the past couple of weeks, I cannot help but feel somewhat shaken.  I’ve always believed in this institution, even if most of my peers have remained less than optimistic.  I think it’s the fact that I bear witness to the lives it changed, specifically the people who used to work for it, but with the strings rapidly unraveling the cloth, I don’t know how long it would take for this institution to regain its reputation.

But it kind of made me reevaluate my days.  For the past three weeks, I have been working till 8 in the evening.  I think there were only a handful of instances that I left early to run or hit the gym, but after that, I always came back to finish a page or two.  And for a moment, actually for a week, I thought my life was awful.

It was very much like those first world pains that people (at least from Twitter) often joke about, like complaining about having too much food for lunch and now you’re tired.  Or having to tilt the Pringles container because your hand is too big to fit in and you can’t get the chips.

So when I stumbled upon this pin from Pinterest, I was really slapped across the face.  Then I read about Somalia, so I finished every morsel of my packed lunch.  A little after that, I heard about the passing of an officemate, so I went to see a few faces I have not seen for a very long time.

That’s our fault; we complain too much.  The moment comfort is denied, or even just diminished, it is already a complete injustice to the way we live.  And that is not even an exaggeration.

Paulo Coehlo said “Everyday, God gives us a moment to change everything that makes us unhappy.  Use it.”

You do not have a bad life.  If your test script failed, it only means it needs tweaking.  If the microwave is broken, it means you can digest your food even if it is cold.  If it rained on your way to the parking lot, it means you haven’t ran for days.

You do not have a bad life.  You’re just having a bad day.  And acknowledging that would make all the difference in the world.

Keep ya head up.

Manic Monday

Nothing new there.  To the working class, Mondays are manic.  Not to mention if you’re a girl and you have to commute because your car is coding and you have to lug around your big ass laptop that you had to bring home last Friday because you had so many things to do so you decide to work on them during the weekend only to find out the weekend is not enough.


Really and honestly.  Leave room for miracles!  Some women just can’t bend it as often.

Okay.  Back to work.

(Yes, that is an indication that I arrived in the office way before 7 in the morning and I’ve submerged myself in work since then.  Oh Monday, why do you screw me so?)

Youth is wasted on the young

Sometimes, I feel sorry that we’re the Facebook generation.  Or that the younger ones prefer Twilight over Dickens.  Or that we spend too much time online and too little time among people.  That we have resorted to emails and forgot the romanticism of snail mails.  That we don’t care about librarians losing jobs, or museums having lesser and lesser visitors each year.

It’s been a really hard week here in the office.  I didn’t expect anything like this to happen before I even hit my first year here.  I seem to have floated with a heavy heart the entire time.  And the current events, as they unfold, slowly show me how important it is to be firm with your principles and values.  And that the heart can be weak, but do everything to not weaken the mind, to not break the spirit.  I didn’t expect anything to affect me this much.  Really.  But…. it really is affecting me far more than I ever imagined.

I hope next week is better.

Some inspiration

It has been raining and storming the past couple of weeks.  Although it does create the perfect temperature to self-impose a holiday (because it is such a shame to waste a perfectly good bed weather), we still begrudgingly drag our feet to work while we curse the day we ever left school, since apparently, that’s the only institution allowed to declare typhoon holidays at the very last minute.

So in my head, we need a little inspiration to get us to Point B.

So suit up, load your guns, and brace yourself, dear working class.  It is time to yet again kick this week’s ass.