Genuine hilarity comes in simple forms

So I have been having a horrid week.  And by that I mean, it is the first time in my time here in this company did I feel that I am working.  I KNOW.  They say when you truly enjoy the work that you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  But it really feels like work right now.  Like right this very second.  So yeah, I am not enjoying it.

I make it a point to keep my spirits up through random Internet clicking every couple of hours (if not more frequent —- but then again I have so much work to do lately so yeah, couple of hours indeed).  Today, this is what I ran into:

So FREAKING funneeeeeeh.  Hahahahahaha.  I just started laughing right here!

Ah… simple joys. :)

Oh to be preppy!

One of my biggest frustrations in my styling life (as if) is the fact that I can’t seem to fit myself into prep.  Really.  Something about the school girl outfit is not really synching with my personality.  Maybe it’s my thunder thighs or the fact that my legs are obviously built to run or whatever.  I can’t seem to nail this look.  So I looked it up.  Hahahaha.

According to WikiHow:

Prep is someone who cares about their appearance enough to look good — but not so much that they are superficial. They are clean cut, conservative, classy and classical.

Conservative, I am not.  Classy, maybe on Sundays (MAYBE).  Classical… well, I like Canon in D.

But let’s face it:  since these girls and boys invaded our television sets, prep has once again made its way in the scene (though I believe I am featuring it here far too late).

I know I will only be featuring ladies' looks today, but come on. Who can resist posting Chuck Bass?

So once again, I’ve consulted the fashion minds of Chictopia and some from Pinterest.  I swear these two sites are soooo counterproductive but aaaargh.  It’s addicting.  Who wouldn’t be inspired with these?!  Really?!

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Be happy or be wise.

I ran into this quote on Pinterest, and well, for something said so simply, it stayed in my heart.

Is life so simple and black and white that even after being so brave, you cannot be both happy and wise?  Hmmm.

Just something to think about.

Two pounds and something to be madly passionate about

It is no secret that I recently took more aggressive steps in losing the unwanted weight gain through Plana Forma.  So far, I’ve been having a ball, though I am still thoroughly upset that I wasn’t able to go to the weekend classes.  Hopefully, I can make up for it this week.  The goal would be four classes at least this week.  Now I just have to teach Ted how to get there so he can pick me up after the workout.

I hopped on the scale this morning.  I do this every week just to check if there’s any additional items I should be worried about (aka pounds).  Much to my surprise, I lost 2 pounds!  I don’t know where else to attribute it to because all I did this week was the Plana Forma classes.  I didn’t run (much to my dismay) and I am sure as hell I didn’t make any alterations to my eating, so there.  Let’s see what my weight will be should I reach my four-class target this week.

Lately, I’ve been so crazy about Pinterest.  It’s basically a virtual inspiration board of everything and anything you can think of.  The faux artiste in me has been pinning like crazy; I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d be pegged as less than productive this week.  But here are some of the cool finds I got from Pinterest.  You’ll have to request an invite, but I think I still have some referrals up my sleeve.  Should you be interested, just let me know and leave a comment below!

The good thing about Pinterest is the fact that you can customize your inspiration boards.  I have cute stuff, food, places to visit and fashion as some of my boards.  You can create as many as you want!  There are even DIY pins, images of DIY project that come with a link to DIY!  Hahahaha.  DIY DIY DIY.  I guess I’m encouraging you to make 2011 a crafty one.  As of the moment, I am going crazy with all these quotes.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Well, without further ado, go crazy for my pins!