Finally, it’s over and done with.

January 8 was the last day of Module 300.  I had a hard time believing that I was the last person to present, but then again, I am the one with the meekest ability to hold my tongue.  These lessons and presentations are constantly testing my emotional quotient.  I can’t say I am enjoying it, but I can definitely feel the improvement.

My outfit for the day

The happy hour started around 8 when we arrived in the Training Center for the hats off party.

With Anj and her feather headband
With the NCR crew (L-R:  Neil, Jerome, Allan, Moi, Moksy with the fab fedora, Rayrand, Anj and Ranna)
Missing in picture:  Aldrich and Patrick


It was game night, and we competed with HR.  And we kicked their ass.  YES.
All in all, it was allllll good.  But the best part  was when they all decided to stick around and wait for my birthday (January 9).  I am so blessed to have made such good friends with these people.  I can never forget them.My birthday would have to be one of my longest days.  And quietest.  I enjoyed my alone time, and my time with my family.

It is always the simplest days that turn out to be one of the greatest.  Tonight, I will sleep with a full heart.I wish you the same.


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