I feel my eyes drying up because of the heat and the cold

I was supposed to update this thing a long time ago, but because of the endless assignments recently, you must forgive me for not being able to update more.

The good thing is I managed to find a way to cope with the stress at work:  I run.  Well, not exactly run.  More like, runjogwalkveryslowlythenwalkveryfast kind of exercise.  It’s not really a new thing; there really was a time when I did this thing religiously.  But I rediscovered my habit for smoking so it  took me a while to get back to running.  Of course, the expensive running shoes and core workout gear urged me to use my well spent money well, so here I am running.

I didn’t expect it to be that hard to get back though.  Each time I look in the mirror, I seem to appear wider than usual.  It’s quite disturbing actually, but what the heck.  I knew I was starting to be complacent and beginning to let myself go when I started becoming satisfied with unusual sizes — the one between medium and large — and never really fitting anywhere. So there.  I hope to get back on track before August.

Early this week, I started creating this worksheet that maps my savings and expenses.  I’m planning to open another savings account, just to make it harder for me to spend my money.  I’m hoping it would work.

On a totally different note, I know that Tiger has been posting!  And not letting us read it!  Grrr.  So unfair.  (Though I am not as diligent to write every day, I do make everything public.  But then again who am I to require disclosure from everyone who visits this page?)

So… there.  I have a pile of paperwork waiting for me and I just can’t wait to not attend to it.  Ha.  Yeah.  I’m lazy like that. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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