Choices would define your tomorrow

It’s election season and the tension in the air is undeniable.  As I wait for my church’s decision on who to vote for, I feel quite pressured to have not made a choice on my own.  For some reason, it’s the fact that someone else is making this big decision for me actually gives me an overwhelming sense of relief.

I think that has always been an issue, letting the church decide for me.  Everyone would say the right to vote is the ultimate right of a citizen, and I agree with that, but they also strongly disagree with my  participation in block voting.  The chances of the church picking a candidate a completely despise is higher than the chances of them picking the candidate I’ve been eyeing for the past months.  I don’t think everyone would be this willing to participate in such a practice and I just want to say why I’m participating in it.

I believe in the greater good.  That’s basically it.  All my life, I have been a devoted member of my church and my concerns for the majority of our members now outweigh my concerns for myself.  It might seem selfish to some; after all, our congregation is not the country’s majority.  But the faith I have in our church leaders to make the right choices have not failed me nor the members of our church.  I don’t see how this would change now.

Here’s a rundown of the presidents we’ve voted for in the past years:

  • Danding Cojuangco – but FVR won this one.  We all know the story.
  • Joseph Estrada – His platform for food production and peace talks with MILF might have been the factors mainly considered by our church in the process of selection.  Sadly, he was overpowered and "overinfluenced" by those around him, hence the sad ending.  Do I still think he was a good president?  Yes.  He just stole.  Just like everyone else.  Difference is, he’s the only one who got caught.
  • Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – Her strong vision for economic reform is hands-down a winning factor.  It’s just too bad that she was not born with even a smidgen of charm and wit, which explains why she was never appealing to the masses nor to the press.  Which would explain why she was never able to explain how progress works (slowly).  Which would explain why her detractors were never diminished in numbers.

Am I saying I know the exact reasons and factors that our church considers before selecting a national leader?  No.  These reasons are results of my self-debates and speculation.  I do not know what they consider, but what I do know is that I have agreed to every choice they have made.

Will I be a block voter still even if I don’t see the reasons for choosing this particular person?  Yes.  Because I believe my church will not do me harm.

So to the rest, vote wisely.  I am lucky to be blessed by a group of men and women who only think of my well-being.  Not everyone has that same blessing. 


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