Your favorite moment captured

A lot of times, I regret not taking enough pictures.  Even though I have tons of albums in Multiply and Facebook, I still feel that I haven’t captured enough moments.  At the same time, I feel bad each time I try to pause a moment just to take a picture.

I guess that’s why I love television.  And photo galleries.  And photojournalists.  And portraits.  And paintings.  They manage to recreate that fleeting second between an argument and a breathless kiss.  Photojournalists capture human emotion with such accuracy and delicate precision, and the emotion never gets lost, in pictures or in translation.

I’d give a lot to have that ability.  I’d give a whole lot to learn that skill.  There are so many beautiful things that fly by our noses and they are all beautifully disarming and we never frame it.  We take a mental picture and as time passes, we forget it.  It would be nice to have a reminder hanging on your wall.

Ross and Rachel’s first kiss is worth playing over and over.


Lemme know what you think.

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