Sugar, spice and everything nice

As a girl, it is kind of weird to admit that I have never really grown fond of pink.  Even if some close friends would argue (because my senior prom dress is pink which I chose at that time because my date likes girls in pink), I will always find it hard to pick up a pink item and buy it with my own money.  But it still goes to say that I like a particular hue of that unusually unwanted shade of mine.  When worn with a particular softness and a touch of taupe/beige/tan, it easily becomes the most romantic color and piece a girl will ever own.

And for that reason alone, I think I just might go out and get me some soft pinks.

And by that, I mean it can range from tops and bottoms to shoes and simple frills.

Haven’t shopped for the last three weeks.  No wonder I’ve been sick.

These stylish women all came from Chictopia. :)


2 thoughts on “Sugar, spice and everything nice

  1. Firstly i would like to congratulate you on having not shopped in 3 weeks! That i would find tough! Have to agree about the pink. I’m liking subtle dusty pinks at tho moment. I also had a fuschia pink dress for my school grad, never would have thought!

    • They just look so sweet and romantic! It’s the kind that you’ll always like because it’s not girly but rather, ladylike. Super love. And about that not shopping bit? Yeah, I’m shopping tonight. Hahahaha.

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