BARO x Trinkets MNL Summer Giveaway Winners!

I know I am so late in posting the winners for this promo, but hey!  They’re here now!

In the two weeks that this promo ran, it was shared and retweeted 138 times!  Each instance merited an entry of course.  I used the ever reliable to help me pick out the winners.

Congratulations to… drum roll please!

Winner #1:  Claudine Mabasa!  You won BARO’s Polka Kaftan  and Trinkets MNL’s beaded necklace, threads bracelet and a pair of feathered earrings!

Winner #2:  Melinda Guillermo!  You won BARO’s Mithra Top and Trinkets MNL’s beaded necklace and threads bracelet!

Both winners hit LIKE and shared the promo link on Facebook. :)

Congratulations both!  I will contact you respectively.

Till our next promo!


Day 2: What you’re wearing

I was supposed to take my photo before sleeping, but then again, my floor is a messy mess mess.  I really don’t mind being a mess myself, I honestly think I perform better when I’m in the comfort of my own dirt (yaaaaak hahahaha) but I am so not prepared to show you the mess that is my room.  So yeah, no mirror photos yet.

I knew I should have taken a photo when we were at the mall, Jaja.

But I was too busy making her fit clothes.  Hahaha.  Thanks to Anj for taking a photo of what I’m wearing today.

Or was.


I hope you’re doing your own photo challenge too.  It’s not that I want to turn everyone into camwhores, but it is definitely something that can keep you on your toes, making sure that your artistic mind is still continuously functioning. :)

It’s never too late to join!  Hop in. :)

Took some time alone

So there was this one day, August 14, when I had nothing to do.  Dylan and I had lunch, but because he had to report to work by 2PM, he left almost immediately after eating.  Instead of retreating to my apartment that is hotter than a brick oven, I decided to stroll around the mall and look at stuff I have no intentions of buying.  Hahahaha.

I actually do have intentions.  What I lack is the means.  At least at that time.

And there were very interesting finds.  Heading over to People R People, I saw the pumps I’ve been eyeing for a couple of weeks now on sale.  Less than 1k, I tried it on and well…

Gotta love a good buckled shoe.

My golden flip-flops look like crap next to these hot things. :)

(Remind me to get a better pedicure)

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Sugar, spice and everything nice

As a girl, it is kind of weird to admit that I have never really grown fond of pink.  Even if some close friends would argue (because my senior prom dress is pink which I chose at that time because my date likes girls in pink), I will always find it hard to pick up a pink item and buy it with my own money.  But it still goes to say that I like a particular hue of that unusually unwanted shade of mine.  When worn with a particular softness and a touch of taupe/beige/tan, it easily becomes the most romantic color and piece a girl will ever own.

And for that reason alone, I think I just might go out and get me some soft pinks.

And by that, I mean it can range from tops and bottoms to shoes and simple frills.

Haven’t shopped for the last three weeks.  No wonder I’ve been sick.

These stylish women all came from Chictopia. :)

Don’t you just love lazy Saturdays?

Decided to dedicate an entire blog for clothes that I want to have made.  It’s all part of my resolution of having more clothes that actually fit me properly.  

For my avant garde moments:

The distorted ruffles made me fall for it.

Rosettes are love, especially when I get to wear them on my dates with Dylan.

And this pretty black eyelet dress is just perfect for a good night’s walk in Intramuros.  (There you go, my hopeless romantic side kicking in).

Then there’s that DVF dress that I will never be able to afford in the near future.

Not to mention my love for ruffles (yet again) and animal prints.

And cutesy skirts…

And of course, the inevitable:  office clothes.