Day 2: What you’re wearing

I was supposed to take my photo before sleeping, but then again, my floor is a messy mess mess.  I really don’t mind being a mess myself, I honestly think I perform better when I’m in the comfort of my own dirt (yaaaaak hahahaha) but I am so not prepared to show you the mess that is my room.  So yeah, no mirror photos yet.

I knew I should have taken a photo when we were at the mall, Jaja.

But I was too busy making her fit clothes.  Hahaha.  Thanks to Anj for taking a photo of what I’m wearing today.

Or was.


I hope you’re doing your own photo challenge too.  It’s not that I want to turn everyone into camwhores, but it is definitely something that can keep you on your toes, making sure that your artistic mind is still continuously functioning. :)

It’s never too late to join!  Hop in. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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