Took some time alone

So there was this one day, August 14, when I had nothing to do.  Dylan and I had lunch, but because he had to report to work by 2PM, he left almost immediately after eating.  Instead of retreating to my apartment that is hotter than a brick oven, I decided to stroll around the mall and look at stuff I have no intentions of buying.  Hahahaha.

I actually do have intentions.  What I lack is the means.  At least at that time.

And there were very interesting finds.  Heading over to People R People, I saw the pumps I’ve been eyeing for a couple of weeks now on sale.  Less than 1k, I tried it on and well…

Gotta love a good buckled shoe.

My golden flip-flops look like crap next to these hot things. :)

(Remind me to get a better pedicure)

Then I headed to SM Department Store.  To be frank, I’m really very much drawn to their new line.  For a department store (and a real mass appealer at that), they managed to update their styles faster than most people.  I mean really.

Love the color, hate the shape. Look! Fat ass!

I love love love love the sleeves. :)

Since I didn't shop the entire summer, I'm liking these two. :D

And this I absolutely LOVE! I see me wearing this at work, looking all chic, jazzed shoes... and looking all powerful. And stuff. :)

And they are all affordable too.  I have to admit, I’m going back for these items.  They’re actually really adorable.  And they’re no longer ill-fitting nor made with that scratchy material that you buy from cheap stores.  Just try.  Maybe in the end, they really do have it all for you.  :)

And of course… I saw DC skateboarding shoes name a pair after my officemate.  (Of course, they’re not really named after him, but you get my point).

See! It's Tonik!

So there.  That’s the adventure.  I don’t remember the last time I spent some time alone, and it really gave me a lot of free thinking.  Nothing on my head, nothing to bother me, I just went from one store to another until my feet got tired and I entertained the first thought that afternoon:  go home.

And I did.

I should really follow directions to the letter.


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