Pinoy Celebrity Goofs

Now, I don’t think I’ve been around long enough to have enough documented proof of Pinoy celebrity goofs, but I do have a handful of them.

Each one more hilarious than the first.

Something about the erring factor of these high-profile personalities really tickles my funny bone.  Hahaha.  I know that sounds mean, but I have my finals on Monday, and I need distraction to at least keep me sane.  I do after all stress out a lot when it comes to these things.

That “Saksi” Reporter

Find the missing lyrics!

That darned degree.

Of course, the network challenge.

There’s also the jealous girlfriend.

The lack of proper enunciation.

There’s also the noontime slip.

And lastly, the consequences of not visiting the dentist before a show.

Then, there’s Jimmy Santos.  And I highly highly highly disagree with my own title because this is nowhere being a celebrity flop.  But it’s just so cool, so I decided to make it the cherry on top.  Just so you don’t lose hope on our celebs.

I hope you have a great weekend. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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