Hap Chan, TOSH and Shakey’s

We’ve been trying very hard to be an interesting family again.  And by interesting, I mean rediscover the beauty of dining out.  It was quite fun, convincing my mother to dine out one evening.  To be honest, if there won’t be an event, I highly doubt we’d ever eat out.  That’s the price you pay for having parents that cook like chefs and are satisfied with the usual dishes.

So yeah, I elbowed them to get me my fix of dining out.  First stop was Hap Chan, about a couple of weeks ago. :)

They have pretty good house tea. We had about two refills of this.

Their shark's fin dumpling is soooo good.

Chicken Curry. Never ever ever get this. Bland. Very bland.

Beef and Ampalaya! I love this. The bitterness was just great.

So my mom went from looking like this…

to this.

Then, last week came.  We were supposed to dine at Shakey’s near Perpetual.  Unfortunately, because of its accessibility, it has become the venue for children’s parties.  So there was only limited dine-in space.  And our van broke.  So we headed to SM Center and decided to dine at The Old Spaghetti House.

I first encountered TOSH last year, when MAP started.  It was mainly because we celebrate every time we finish a long quiz or an exam.  I discovered TOSH after one of the many exams.  I was pretty sure my family would enjoy this.  And this time, Ted was with us.

We headed to TOSH right after hearing mass. :)

This is the saddest batch of fries I have ever seen. Can't believe we paid P60 for this homemade mess. Homemade, store-bought mess.

Cream of Spinach Soup. Would've appreciated it more if the spinach were actually creamed. But this soup is overall really good.

Low Carb Tacos. My mom had these and they were really sumptuous.

My dad's American Baked Spareribs

My Angel Hair Pasta and Golden Crusted Chicken, Ham and Cheese Crepe.

Ted's US Angus Beef Salpicao.

Daniel's Singaporean Tong Yang Pasta (or something I can't remember but very close to what I just said)

Daniel's US Angus Beef Cheeseburger

Ah, the effort it took to eat a good burger.

And finally, we went to Shakey’s.  It was a semi-celebratory dinner, but there’s more to that in future posts.  Just wanted to boast what we had.

We got there pretty late, and  we travelled quite long.  Just like the last time, the Shakey’s closer to my old school is fully booked so we had to go to the mall to quench the Shakey’s craving.  It took us about 45 minutes to get there, and we were pretty hungry by the time the food came in.

Which is why you don’t get to judge my photos of almost empty food trays.  Just appreciate!  :)

Tuna Caesar Salad

Basket of Mojos

Um... what's left of the Spaghetti Platter.

And of course, what's left of the Manager's Choice Pizza. :))

Chick N Chips Buddy Pack

There you have it.  The reason why I gained five pounds in three weeks.  Do I regret it?  Hell no.  Did you see how pretty the food was?  I’d eat that any day.

Now… I’m off to search a  good home workout.  I’m done pretending not to care how I look.  Hahaha.  Looking forward to a fitter me. :)

And of course, a fitter you, too. :)


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