You bring me to tears

There are very few songs in this lifetime that bring me to tears.  Most of them have Eric Clapton in it, and a couple from John Mayer.  But in general, not so many.  So imagine my surprise when I found out that everytime I listen to David Cook’s rendition of Neil Diamond’s All I Really Need Is You, I tear up.

I guess because the past year has made me more grateful and mature with my relationship with Dylan.  We seldom fight now.  There are a handful of arguments here and there, but nothing major ever.  Most of the arguing happen after work, when we’re both tired and I go against my negative energy and choose that hour to “talk”. 

I don’t think I’ve been this contented.  It’s such a relief to finally be in a point when I am just thankful and happy and satisfied in my love life.  I have passion, faith and love in this relationship — and I am not used to having all three.  :)

So yeah.  There.  This is cheesy year.  Finally, we’re both in a good place.  A really good place.  And like I always say, I am fortunate to be with someone whose dreams are as big as mine.

After all these years
After all these tears between us
Still I couldn’t find
Someone half as right as you
And each time I stop to think
What it is I really need
Here’s what I conclude
All I really need is you

Just say what you want to say
You don’t have a chance in the world
Can I, knowing how I’ve tried
Still come close to losing you, girl
When you are my world
Have I spent so many years
Trying but in vain to tell you
Don’t you know it’s true
All I really need is you

*melt here*


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