Running has become a chore

As part of my 2011 resolutions, I have decided to have a healthier lifestyle.  I know a lot of my friends — well, one in particular — criticizes me endlessly for not owning a sport.  I really don’t understand why running cannot be considered a sport.  He said, because it lacks the air of competition.  Yeah, I can’t argue with that one.

But out of all the exercise alternatives I have (we have a gym in the office building and end-of-day aerobics sessions), running for me is most fun.  I used to do this everyday before coming to work.  However, when our training shifted to banking and economics, I was way to stressed in the morning to keep it up.  Hence, the habit slowly faded away.

Imagine my distress to find out last night that running is no longer fun for me.  I was on my 4k (since last Monday I did an 8k) when I started feeling like I’m just forcing myself to beat Monday’s record.  It’s not much I know, but if running is the only exercise I’m happy to do and right now I’m not so happy doing it, what more do I have left? :(

Of course, there’s always yoga, but I want that to function as some sort of release.  Somehow, I always have a hard time finding my center and just emptying my thoughts and letting it be filled with sounds of running water and cool breezes, but once I do hit that note, it really feels good.  Brings me to some sort of calm somehow.

Anyway, I guess I still have enough time to debate whatever it is that I can do to improve my lifestyle.  For now, I have a pile of paperwork waiting to be devirginized.

Hello, Thursday.


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