Here’s an overview

I know I have not been  blogging as much as I should have and I am very much guilty about it, considering the fact that a lot has been going on and I should have been updating the one thing I have allowed to become a witness to everyone else.  Oh well.

But just to be clear, it’s been a good year so far.

So let me just start with yesterday.  I met with this little lady whom we’ve had in the family for a while.  I last saw her when she was just about 9 or 10 years old and now, well, we have the same shoe size.  It was so nice to see her again, and given the fact that she will be studying at SoFA for college, itwon’t be the last.  Thank God for that. :)

Me and Jasmin. And that annoying lady at the back.

Jasmin and boyfriend Chris

Almost as if it’s part of the ritual, I got my Belle De Jour 2011 planner from Jaja.  I honestly think this is the most sulit planner.  Really.  It has tons of coupons immediately at your disposal, and it’s quite impossible for you not to use them.  Just use all the Coffee Bean coupons and already you got your initial investment back.

After the two-hour chat with Jasmin (mostly dominated by moi, since I forced her to catch up with everyone in the family), I treated myself to a Greek Salad and a free glass of iced tea.  I ended up leaving Coffee Bean a little before nine.

Greek Salad, Sunrise Peach (I think) and Hunger Games

Fantastic treat, ain’t it?  More updates to come.  Hopefully, I get to live up to my word this time. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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