The Grad Party and then some

So on Sunday night, my youngest brother Daniel and my dad celebrated their graduation and birthday respectively.  It has been a while since we hosted quite a shebang and my mother didn’t seem to have shown any intention of holding back.

A few weeks ago, my dad had a heart scare so the party was almost devoid of pork.  My dad cooked laing for the first time and it was a hit.  My lola couldn’t stop eating it.  There was morcon, stir fried vegetables, buttered shrimp and mushroom, kilawin tanigue, green mango salad with shrimp paste and spaghetti.  I know the last dish is out of the loop but it’s Daniel’s favorite.  It’s impossible for that to not be included in the menu.

The spaghetti came much later. :)

So everything was swanky and nice and coordinated… until the booze came out.

Now to be honest, I really didn’t know that we’re not supposed to fund our youngest brother’s drinking binge, so I gave him a couple of hundred to kick things off.  Well it sure did kick things off alright.

This is Justin before:


And the after…. is just way too gross for a photo.  Let’s just say it resembled something like this:

Imagine this to be a half naked guy. No kidding.

Then he thought my room was the bathroom and sat down on my floor pillow… and took a dump.  Again, I say, I am not kidding.

Then he was on the floor, his eyes just looking sooo stricken.  When they carried him to the room, they had to put an old shirt by this side because he was throwing up SIDEWAYS.  Do not underestimate the fact that it is not a joke!

Anyway, in the end, we still had to go to work the next morning, with Brother 3 completely hungover.  Justin is yet to hear what he did, but I’m pretty sure as of posting this, he won’t be drinking for a while.


Lemme know what you think.

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