Forever21 in Makati!

I haven’t been posting for a while so you can say that this is no longer news.  My original plan to flock Forever21 on opening day at lunchtime was completely botched with the news that people had to line up just to get it.

And there is no way in hell am I going to wait under the hot hot hot summer sun just to get in a store.

So I went there on a random lunch hour, browsed for the items I want, then went back to work.  That afternoon, I decided to go there and pick them up.  They were all accessories, by the way, since I want to do the Speedy Gonzales and go home right after picking up my mom in the office (it was a long day at work).

On my way there, Jackie texted and we decided to meet up.  Check out our oh so affordable loot!

Disc earrings for P245, Stud set for P175

Some ignorant twat said my ring is the image of the devil.  Some people are just born in this earth so we have proof of our intelligence.  It’s a ram.  The Capricorn.  Twat indeed.

And of course, Jackie. :)

And I am yet to score more deals from this store.  I like the fact that the prices are soooo department store-ish.  Thank you, Henry Sy, for the genius that you are.  Maybe you should have franchised Payless too.

Just saying. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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