Kai Mykonos

Hello, sweetie.  It’s nice to meet you.  I didn’t really expect an out-patient run on our first meeting, but hey!  I’m not really the choosy type.

You have your Tita Ida’s face when you’re peaceful, and (unfortunately for) Mommy Kimmy, when you’re about to cry.  I have photos to prove that.  I hope I won’t be murdered by your mother when she sees my point (wink).

But really, I’m happy to meet you.  Chuchi now has a playmate in you and you two will be raised by strong women surrounded by strong families that will ultimately keep you grounded.  They will forever be with you, to support you, to help you, to knock some God’s good sense in you.  You will be raised by families.  Not just one.  Families.

And I don’t think everyone is fortunate to have that.

But just so we’re clear, just so you know, we are far more fortunate to have you.

See you soon, sweetie.  I am eager for your weight gain so we can see your overloaded cheeks and inflated thighs.  They make for perfect photos.


Lemme know what you think.

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