BARO for Stylista at the BIG BANG BAZAAR

Because it’s Easter, please do join me in celebrating something new.  It is the newest brand of clothing to hit your neighborhood bazaar (and will be up soon online!) designed and stylized by Jackie Dionisio.

After having finished her course at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA), her itching need to create pieces and stylings overtook her.  Soon enough, after hauling what seemed to be yards and yards of fabric and thread all over the metro, BARO for Stylista is born.

Do catch them this coming weekend at the Big Bang Bazaar, coordinated by Ateneo Management Association at the NBC Tent.  Let me know if you’re going so I can snap a photo of you.  Here’s good preview of what you’ll catch at the bazaar.

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Seeing those dotted pants, I am soooo ready for summer bazaars.   See you there!


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