Day 5: From a high angle

I love school supplies.  The fact that a new school year is starting and I am not part of it pretty much bums me out.  I miss the smell of new notebooks and books and pens and pencils and pad papers.  I miss cafeteria food, the friendkly janitor, the mean girls and of course, the feelingero guys.  Hahaha.

And I am very thankful that my office lets me collect as many school supplies as I want without criticism whatsoever (or at least none that I am aware of).  I believe Anj is the only person who has not given up in stopping me from buying pens and notebooks that I do not use.  She’s a very determined person, though it barely works.  Sorry, Anj.

So here’s a peek of my office pens, 75% of which I don’t use as often.  Mostly just for highlighting.  Or doodling.  Or passing notes.  Some given out at seminars and meetings, most from National Bookstore.  I know.  I’m so sick.  :)


GAAAAAAAAAAAH.  I believe I need new ones.  The present colors don’t pop out as much as I want it to.  Hahahaha.



Lemme know what you think.

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