Day 8: A bad habit

I’m quite pleased to announce I have kicked this bad habit. And I’m quite happy to have a friend who’s willing to exhibit it for me for this day’s challenge, even though he’s already exerting efforts in quitting.

Thanks, Allan. :)

So the day’s challenge comes at a time when the Philippine government is trying to ban smoking in all public places. It’s quite sad since our President smokes, and some of our legislators too. I heard Chiz Escudero say that the law should also respect the personal space of smokers, not just the non-smokers. I think what he’s trying to say is, the law should not require everyone to just stop smoking because for some, it is a compulsion, if not an addiction that they’re still in the process getting rid of.

I quite agree with that. I mean, quitting smoking is quite hard. There is a component in cigarettes that makes it addictive to the user. And it’s really a process. Some people say just go cold turkey, but let’s admit it; some are made of harder stuff. So there. I like the designated smoking spaces rule. At least they’re just confined to one space and non-smokers will just have to avoid that area.

Anyway, good luck to quitting. You’ll notice the difference when you quit. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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