Coron Day 2

(Please note that all of the photos for the next few posts are taken by me and my brother Ted.  Anyone who would like to use these photos, please shoot an email to let us know where you’ll be using them.  Courtesy please.  Thanks! *grin*)

After getting the much needed rest from the hike, we had an early start.  We woke up at about 6 in the morning to prepare for breakfast.  Mon said we would have to go to the market early before island hopping; we might run out of food selections.  He was able to commission this boat to take us to wherever and cook the meal too.

Of course it was just like any other market.  Somehow it has more character.  People were not bumping into each other, the catch was fresh, and if the other vendor doesn’t have what we’re looking for, he led us to the other one that has it.  Like everyone is happy.  All the freakin’ time.

We were told that the seafood here was almost dirt cheap.  We got these  crabs for about Php 180 per kilo.  Come.  On.  FREAKING SCORE.

I don't think I've ever seen crabs this big... and this cheap.


I think I should go to the market more, but I don't think I'll see these vibrant colors in Manila.

We got these hats for Php 65. I know right! Had we gotten them from the department store, this would easily cost at least Php 150.

We boarded the rented boat once we have all our food ready.  Mon said the island hopping will take all day and the boatmen are going to cook the food.  IN THE BOAT.  I know!  Coolest thing!

Notice how Father brags his Speedo slip ons. Hahahaha. Mother was in her true panicky form. We were still at the pier and the life vest was already strapped on and secured. TWICE. Hahahaha.

Photographers of the day are Ted and Daniel. Really, I barely had camera time. But I am the most willing subject. :D

Our first stop was Siete Picados.  The boatman said these seven tiny isles were believed to be naughty kids of a sailor.  They were so naughty that they cause their mother to die (I’m assuming of a heart attack).  Their father punished them and turned them into islands, but the gods were  upset.  Gods then believed that the kids didn’t really know that they were being pains in the ass, so they turned the dad into an island as well.  The dad island is at the right part  and is bigger.

I purposely posted this photo because I know our relatives everywhere would read this. Notice that Father has a cigarette in hand. Yes, in the middle of a really good scenery and fantastic environment, he chooses to smoke. Please feel free to reprimand him as you wish.

Next stop was Kayangan Lake.  I think this is the highlight of the day mostly because we didn’t expect it to be this beautiful.  The boatmen said it was just around the bend, and around the bend it was.  All of us went WOW the moment we turned.

Welcome to Kayangan Lake!  Let us take a look at the rules, shall we?  It’s a very well preserved area, and the fact that it looked this spectacular… COME ON!  I’m just amazed how the Palawenos took care of it.

De-boat lightly!  This is just divine.

To get to the lake, you will have to climb about 50 stairs up and 50 stairs down.  The guide paused  halfway and told us to walk to this direction off the path.  We asked what was there, and he said, “A great view.”

See my Mother smiling? Yeah it took her a long time to climb those stairs. Hahaha.


This is the view. I don't think I can say anything to describe it.


Cave rangers!


This is Daniel's moment. I think he was imagining a music video here.

This is Kayangan Lake.  So pretty right!  The water is so clear and it is just perfect!  The temperature is good too.  The guide led us to this tiny cave with the cooler water.  I liked it a lot. :)

On our way back to the boat, we just had to take another look.

Our next stop was Atwayan Cove for  lunch.  On our way there, we saw kayakers.  They were foreigners, if I’m not mistaken and one of them parked at the nearest rock for some free climbing.

Atwayan was all ours when we arrived.  It was just us.  The boatmen finished cooking while we were at the lake, so when we got there, we just set the table for the food.

(Clockwise from top: Sinigang na ulo ng lapu lapu, inihaw na lapu lapu, steamed crabs, rice)

We hung out for a while here, because well… it was ALL OURS!  We were the only people in the cove and it looked just perfect.

The sun was high and hot so we were just frolicking in the shade.


Look how clear the water is!


This dog was swimming back and forth! TOO CUTE!

Next stop was the coral gardens.  This would be quite disappointing because we didn’t have an underwater camera.  But the saying holds true:  YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT.  It was just perfect.

This is the boat's washroom! HAHAHAHAHA.

After the day’s island hopping, we went back to the town proper and rode a van to Busuanga.  We visited Mon’s resort in Concepcion and we will be staying there till the end of the trip.  When we got there, there was no water!  Mon said it was because the tide is low.  It was the first time I saw the bottom of the sea this clearly.

Mon’s son Josh, who was with us the entire trip, told us he’ll lead us to Concepcion’s falls.  I thought it was really like a waterfall.  Instead, he lead us to the town’s water reservoir.  The water was so sweet and cold.  This is where all the water in Concepcion comes from.

When I started to dig around at the bottom for something to remember this place by, I managed to get me some rocks.  They looked like the kind you buy at Wilcon Depot.  They were beautiful.

Day 2 ended with a sunset.  Just so we’re clear, this is now my reshoot of the Day 4 of the photography challenge.


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