Let’s Get Skinny!

Okay, I don’t mean that.  I just mean let’s get fit.

Lately, I have grown super self-conscious with all the weight I gained the past couple of years.  Normally, I don’t mind the extra meat.  Dylan happily proclaimed that he loves the extra meat on my bones.  And I’m happy that he’s happy.  It’s just that I’ve been avoiding mirrors like the plague.  I believe I have grown to not love how I look.

Hence, the let’s get skinny part.  For 2012, I told myself, I will do the best I can to lose all the weight I gained since our management training.  Before I went in that training, I had the body that I liked.  Not skinny, not bloated.  Just good fit meat.  So I’m trying to get that back.

I started with a good plan, and so far, I’ve followed it, though not to the tee.  Work started to kick my ass, but this week, I’ve decided to not let it ruin my health and fitness plan.  I just have to be more dedicated to it.

So, I have a schedule on hand, a good playlist, and a goal in mind.  I can do this.  Tomorrow morning, I will measure myself and hopefully, I can track my progress in this blog. :)  Bear with me please?  I will still post your fashion stuff and other lifestyle choices here; I’ll just post about my health and fitness plan as, say, an intermission.

And an intermission should have relaxing music. :)

Next update:  I’ll let you know how I plan to fan out my workout.  Have a great evening/day folks. :)  Thanks for visiting yet again.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Skinny!

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    • Thanks! I’m hoping to achieve my goal in about 45 days. But of course, that’s just an ideal setting. Hahahaha. They say it takes 12 weeks for others to notice the change so yeah, patience is definitely a virtue. :)

      • It seriously won’t take that long!!! I lost over 50 lbs in the past year, and within the first 3 weeks it was noticeable to those around me! You start carrying yourself differently, I guess! You go get em girl

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