To the World Florist Association

Dear World Florist Association,

Some 7 or 8 years ago, I broke off a relationship for reasons I now do not understand.  That same person found his way back to me and we have been very blessed since.  He has calmed me, kept me composed, given me peace when I needed it the most, and tamed my potty mouth. His “level-headedness” is something I do my best to imitate.  He is quite an admirable man.

Imagine my giddiness when, three days before Valentine’s Day, he not-so-subtly checked if I will be in the office all day because something “may or may not arrive between 8am to 6pm.”

Imagine my suppressed laughter when, come Valentine’s Day, I can sense he’s forcing himself to stay awake until that something came.

Imagine my worry when his eagerness turned into anxiety, and then disappointment as the hours passed by and nothing came.

Imagine his frustrated tone when he finally admitted, the next day, that he picked out flowers for me that was supposed to arrive on V-day, and that he paid extra so it would arrive before lunchtime.

Imagine my surprise when he didn’t receive a notification from your company that the delivery was not made.

Imagine the tiny ounce of patience left in me when I calmly said, “Let’s see how they will apologize for it on Monday.”

Imagine my anger when you didn’t.

Allan never misses an occasion.  With almost 7,000 miles between us, he has made sure to never miss an event or an instance to profess his love for me.  (We long distance couples depend on these supposed convenient means to make our presence felt, just in case you are incapable of doing the math.)  So it all made sense when he finally admitted that it was the World Florist Association who did not deliver.

If he had not written an email about the non-delivery, would your sales team have informed him?  Not a peep, not a call, not a single PROACTIVE apology.  He had to tell you that you failed to do your job.

You did not even find it within the sphere of simple customer service and basic crisis management to just send the flowers immediately.  He had to wait for you to come up with it on your own.

You further insulted him, in my opinion, by throwing him a bone in the form of chocolates and a committed February 19 delivery.

A woman called at 3:30 pm today, confirming the delivery address and at the same time, assuring me that the flowers will reach me today.  It is now 10:00 pm and I am yet to see the shadow of the flowers my partner had lovingly picked out for me.

AND YOU STILL HAVE THE GALL TO CHARGE ALLAN FOR YOUR “SERVICE.” There is not a single soul in the business of complaints handling that would attest to your effective conflict resolution.  At least, not in this instance.

I could have done away with the flowers.  But Allan picked those out.  I want to see what he got for me.  He knows to pick exactly the ones I would love. He never misses an occasion.  But thanks to you, he has now.

I wanted to know at what level of disservice, dissatisfaction and inconvenience would trigger your tiny, tiny mind to actually deliver the product as requested as committed and also, grant him a full refund for every bit of trouble you’ve put him through?

Because given your poor comprehension of business ethics and the realization that you have not come close in making up for it — and my potty mouth ready to fire off at this very minute — a semblance of GENUINE, SINCERE, AND MEASURABLE APOLOGY IS IN DIRE NEED.

World Florist Association, sir, you are a cunt. You do not deserve his faith in your service, much more his money. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fucking give it back.

I am blessed with a kind-hearted man who will never talk down on anyone or make anyone feel bad on purpose. He will disagree with me on this, this email will lead to an argument, but I am not about to sit idly by and watch you STEAL HIS HARD EARNED MONEY AND CALL IT A QUALITY PRODUCT.

Absolutely never using your service again and OHMYGOD my LDR couple friends are going to so hear all about your assholery,


19 thoughts on “To the World Florist Association

  1. BEWARE: This company is a SCAM!!! I ordered flowers on Feb 13 to be delivered in Russia on Feb 14. As of Feb 16 they have not arrived. I contacted the company via email and they were quick to reply that they were investigating but they never got back to me with any update. At this point, I assume their email is a just a means to delay deflect customers. I tried to contact their payment partner (2Checkout) with no luck either. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

    • After posting negative reviews the company got back to me and canceled my order. So I no longer think they are a scam company but I would suggest that you order well in advance to ensure things run smoothly for you – especially if you are sending flowers to a bit more out of the way destination. It may be that their back office ops does not quite match levels of service you may expect. I give them points for responding quickly and for ultimately returning my money. I suggest to them to be more proactive in communicating the status of things. That could make the difference between leaving a customer with the feeling of being cared for and being neglected.

  2. Ordered flowers for my beautiful daughter in Hong Kong. Same here got a message to say they couldnt deliver as I had not given a valid contact number. Instructions were to deliver and if required leave them with neighbour. Flowers arrived looking like they had pulled themselves up out of the ground and had made the long journey without water or food. After 24 hours intensive care by my daughter they still were struggling. They hadn’t an ounce of strength to even begin to open. Sadly they didn’t open and faded faster than expected. My daughter informed the wfan and was told flowers only last 3 to 4 days. These flowers were dead on arrival. Much to the disappointment of both my daughter and I after after numerous emails to wfa we gave up on flogging the dead horse as that’s what they are. Beware and do not order through this ignorant and arrogant association. Make paper flowers and post them they would look better and last forever.

  3. These people operate under many different Business Names. Once you order they’ve got you hooked. I fell for this company a few years ago and vowed never to do business with them again. Now, here I ordered flowers for my friend in the PHilippines and just found out is the same lying cheatin, scamming, company as before. (SHIT) how foolish can I be. Rather then go through all the bullshit again, I will just call my bank and have this shit canceled. once you hit the send button the music starts playing “Let The GAMES begin”

  4. I’m afraid I have experienced the worst of this company.

    I ordered flowers for my mother’s 65th birthday – we live in different countries and WFA said they could deliver in Cyprus.

    At 3pm on the day of her birthday (after I asked them to be delivered in the morning) they sent me an email saying “Urgent – we do not have a contact number for the recipient” – they have had my number (and order) for a week and didn’t think to check with me. I hastily sent them my parents’ contact details 2 minutes later and didn’t receive a response all day. I tried calling their numbers in the various countries they operate all day – same voicemail message for all of them.

    I have still had no response from them at 18:30 Cyprus time, my mother hasn’t got a gift from me, I am going to have to call her when I get home from work and I am sure she will be disappointed.

    WFA is a scam – has anyone ever got anything actually delivered from them, or even a response to calls and emails?

  5. Lol, so I experienced the same thing. My fiance ordered heart-shaped cake, flowers, teddy bear and chocolates. The teddy bear didn’t arrive with the flowers and the flowers didn’t seem to worth the cost he paid, not even half. The cake is red ribbon black forest, not the one he ordered. So I don’t know what’s up with that. I truly appreciate his thoughtfulness but this world florist just doesn’t give customers the reason to get their service on second time!


  7. I too had a terrible experience with World Florist Association. I am military and forced to live a long distance from my wife. I ordered flowers to be delivered on a Friday because she was in a stressed state of mind. The flowers never arrived. I spoke with her on Saturday and the flowers still had not arrived. On Sunday, some flowers arrived but they were not what I ordered and were approx. $40 US less value. Not only that, they were flowers that she and I both agreed years ago were bad luck and we would never buy them. You can only imagine the thoughts in her mind when she received the bad luck flowers. She thought I was making a negative statement about our relationship.

    When I insisted on many occasions for the next week to be refunded my $100 + dollars, the customer service rep “Jason” told me they had to pay extra for delivery and could not refund my money. I reminded him that their Website advertised “FREE DELIVERY” and I should not be held accountable for that. He then said they had to get a shop 80Km away to make the delivery. The shop that made the delivery is in the same city my wife lives in (another lie). Once caught in the lie, he tried to offer to deliver her a teddy bear and an apology. I told them that is not acceptable; I want a complete refund. He then offered to refund me $40 US. I told him that was not acceptable.

    Now I don’t even get a response from the company!!!

    • Also, when they did deliver the WRONG flowers, they delivered them with the same message I had delivered with the flowers I sent her on Valentine’s Day. They could not even get that right. Valentine’s Day was 2 months past.

      • They did the same thing to us this year. AGAIN! My flowers arrived day after Valentines. It’s so annoying because my fiance never misses a date. AND THEY NEVER APOLOGIZE! They never even try to pacify you. I’m just happy that this review is coming up on Google because their service FLAT OUT SUCKS.

        I wonder why they’re still in business. It’s so easy to predict the volume of orders; that can easily be mapped. But for some reason, year on year, again and again, they manage to screw it up.

  8. Why have a Phone number when it is never answered. I’m glad I found this site . I will cancel my order now and reorder through another company. I placed an order for Flowers Yesterday. as of today I haven’t even received as much as an email confirming receipt of my order and yet the money has already been taken from my bank account. I called the number they provided , however after reading this I can see that it is indeed a scam.

  9. To WFA. on feb.1 i order flowers and teddy bear to be send on maldives at feb.14 valentines day, sadly theres no delivered happened on that day and so on.. so i keep on tracing and email WFA. this wensday i just receive they will be refund my order..but the shocking thing is.. the visa i used to pay my order has lost 44, 000 pesos . I really was fuck up… I THINK ITS A FRAUD AND SCAM…guy pls tell me if they refund you and nothing happens on ur visa using paypal for payment. one more thing is its the last time i used the visa….. so my fruastration and disappointing is on wfa…
    I thing the site world florist association is fraud.

  10. Mam The Order Is Already Delivered And Received By “Kc Cunanan, Officemate”. We Once Again Really Regret The Inconvenience Caused. We Had A Terrible Issue With Our Supplier And We Do Take Full responsibility For Failure To Deliver On Requested Date

    • Refund your original customer. Your complaints handling is nowhere near accommodating or stellar. I am not the only party you’ve inconvenienced here.

      CHARGE YOUR LOCAL PARTNER THEN. My partner should not be held liable for the inadequacies and incompetencies of your affiliates.

  11. we would honestly and humbly agree that the delivery was delayed due to a processing error on part of our local partner. since we are all humans and mistakes do happen we would like to seek your forgiveness for messing up an important occasion.

    • Conflict resolution is achieved when three elements are in synch: a sincere apology, actual product delivery and the establishment of goodwill. Two of the three, you still — FIVE DAYS IN — utterly lack. Your humanity is not an excuse for delayed resolution. A business like yours should operate AS A BUSINESS. Fix this and properly so.

  12. Tell us how you really feel hmmm ? Lol.. Sometimes its the thought and knowing what he tried to do that counts much more than the flowers right?

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