Plana Forma Day 2

As scheduled, I made my way to Jecoprime Building yet again yesterday to catch the 11:30 class.  I knew it was somehow going to be a light day at work, though it held very little promise to remain light.  Grabbed a cab and had him drive to McKinley Hill, and this time, I downloaded Google Maps.  Ha!  I outsmarted myself.  Though by not much coz I should have done that in the first day.

Because of the map, I am once again presented with a reason why I do not like Global City (that much).  The first one was the amazingly depressing exit to C-5.  Have you tried that?  Fucking awful traffic!  Went that way with Anj one time, got stuck for 30 minutes.  That’s a trip back to QC along EDSA right there!  The second one is the stoplight.  Correction:  STOPLIGHTS.  Every single corner has one!  I left the office at 11, grabbed a cab at 11:02, and I should have been there in say 15 minutes.  I got there 11:27.  Not.  Fun.

I hate rushing.  Really.  Especially rushing dressing up.  I was in a dainty dress and had to slip into my leggings and top real quick.  And when I did manage to do that, I remembered I’m wearing the wrong bra.  So went in and changed that too.  Then the class started and I had to hop out while putting on socks.  UGH.

The class instructor Mae Evangelista is really interactive.  I guess because there are only four of us there, she managed to memorize all our names (and I think she also met us one by one before class).  This is the part I really like, the small class.  She was able to call us out when our form wasn’t good, boosted our spirits when we no longer want to continue, and well, she was exceptionally chipper.  I swear she hops.  She doesn’t walk.  She really literally hops.

It’s much much much much much less painful.  I did quiver 50% of the time, but Mae was quick to praise and say “shaking is good” coz apparently, that’s the burn.  Funny how my body can’t seem to be used to it.  They were right when they said the first time will always be hell.  The second was far breezier than I expected.

I liked the mat exercises a lot.  Mae really made us work for it, and I regretted just eating a power bar before heading to the studio.  But I felt it all in my ass, the movement I mean.  It was like a workout for my but and my big butt cannot lie.  Midway through the exercise, the movement started to feel more natural… until the thigh exercise.  Hahahahaha.

Plana Forma never fails to surprise me.  I mean, I still hate the thigh stuff, but Mae was quick to point out if I want to lose the weight I want to lose, and be toned the way I want to be, I should do them.  And do them I did.  For a moment it felt like I’d be more familiar with the routine, but different instructors seem to be the spice here.  I can never expect the same exercise.

I ended up signing up for their Newcomer Monthly Unlimited.  For P3,000, I get to join as many classes as I want.  It’ll expire 30 days from the first day I use it.

Let’s just say I can cope better now.  I managed to come back to the office, nibble on my fish lunch and hold two more meetings in the afternoon.  I was supposed to have Day 3 today, but yeah, the late movie made me wake up late.

So there.  Let’s see…. hmmm… Lost a couple of pounds already, and I’m surprised.  Maybe if I tweak my eating…


One thought on “Plana Forma Day 2

  1. You signed up for monthly unlimited! Excellent! I’ve been having a hard time getting to class lately because of the weird traffic and my crazy work hours. BUT I swore to try and go almost every day next week to make up for it. I hope I don’t kill myself, haha.

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