2011 Filipiniana Day

I have to admit today is the day I missed the NCR Circle the most.  Last year’s Filipiniana portrait looked like this:

This year, we had to have someone else take it.  And it turned out to be blurred beyond aesthetics that I do not have the heart to post it here.  But this year proved to be our most creative yet.  I mean, of course, the men wore the usual barong and us girls went wardrobe hunting for our costumes.

Ranna had the most interesting accessories:  the fan earrings and the noisiest headpiece ever made by man.

Moks made sure that his lapel is fasyon too.

I would like to thank the Salazars for sponsoring  my Filipiniana this year.  FARFOL!

Anj, having too many things to do in the day, decided to put a modern twist to her Filipiniana (and her curls are ever present).

And who would have thought Jerome has smeyes!?

Though we are not as complete as we were last year, I believe we managed to make it memorable enough.

Especially when Allan shied away from us just to escape this photo shoot.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.


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