Bye Coron!

(Please note that all of the photos for the next few posts are taken by me and my brother Ted.  Anyone who would like to use these photos, please shoot an email to let us know where you’ll be using them.  Courtesy please.  Thanks! *grin*)

It is always hard to end a vacation.  Even though this place is not as technologically advanced as I thought it should be, I have to admit that it was the perfect escape from our usual busy days.

This is our last sunrise (moonset?) in Busuanga.  I will definitely  miss the place, mainly because it made me like sea water.  To be honest, I never really liked it before, but when I saw what it has to offer me, I am not ashamed to admit that it has completely whopped me in the ass.  I have been missing out on a lot.

I never really got to show where we stayed at in Concepcion, Busuanga.

We had to wake up again at the crack of dawn because there is only one jeepney that goes from Concepcion to Coron town proper.  It was literally just one jeepney.  We crammed ourselves in it and the driver did something I will never forget.

He must have went back and forth three times all over Concepcion, just scouring for people who need a ride to Coron.  Along the way, he would stop and greet people who, in turn, will hand him cash and a list wrapped in plastic and a few containers.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that he’s going to run errands for these people.  We think it’s because some of them can’t afford to go to Coron — either they can’t leave their houses/tasks or they just literally can’t.

The ride took about 3 hours, but when we got to Coron we’re still too early to check in.  We went to the airport nonetheless.

Being a weekend, the place was jampacked.

So my brothers and I went back to our usual stuff to do.

It’s amazing how different we are from each other, and to be honest, I didn’t really think I will enjoy this break as much as I did.  For a moment, I forgot how cool and funny and amazing my brothers were.  Coron reminded me of that.

Our next goal is to have everyone in the clan to come and visit this place.  I promised myself before that day comes, I will be a certified scuba diver.


And here are some parting shots from the beautiful town of Coron!  Till next time!


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