The DIY Party of the Year (1)

Of course, it is that awesome, it has to come in parts!

Went to Antipolo a day before the party. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come as early as I originally planned but thankfully, the wall just finished. It was fun to see Chuchi in such a good mood!

Unfortunately for Mommy, she got her cold. At least the celebrator is well! Hahahaha. I think she was trying to learn how to drink on her own. A little more practice love. :)

Chuchi has been practicing this, according to Marga.  Ask her how old she is and this is what she gives you.

Thanks to Marga’s planning, everything appears to be in check. The citronella candles will shoo away the buggies who just love to nibble.

The letters still need a lot of filling in but, it’s almost done.

The mother balloon is all pumped with its prizes in it.

And the kids have labored lovingly to pump these balloons.

Stick around and see how this DIY party pulls together! :)


Lemme know what you think.

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