The DIY Party of the Year (3)

It was quite bothersome when the blank unpainted wall was framed by the ballon arch, but a spontaneous idea caught me and Jaja.  Two words:  sidewalk chalk.  For the rest of the party, that blank canvass became Chuchi’s personal graffiti message board.

In all honesty, I don’t think anyone expected it to be a hit.  I drew an exceptionally large greeting, mainly because nobody wanted to start writing.  Before we knew it, everyone was just scribbling.

I believe that the highlight of our day was Chuchi’s polka dot dress…

… AND HER RAINBOW CAKES!!!  The cupcakes are cakes right?  So yeah, cakes!!!

The icing started to melt coz it was such a hot day but Punky Porca did such an amazing job!  It was such a hit that it took a while for people to recover!  Hahaha.  There was a substantial amount of picture taking after this slice was made.

We had games and Chuchi had gifts and it was a truly blessed day.

No one loves Chuchi like she does. :)

Happy birthday, little girl!  We are already planning next year’s party for you!  We love you belly belly much! :)


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